PUPI Fiberglass Crossarms

PUPI® fiberglass crossarms are designed for the unique demands of the utilities industry – and Mother Nature. PUPI tangents, deadends and transmission crossarms are engineered to outperform wood and other composite beams – with a track record to prove it. Field-ready in standard sizes, or made-to order and drilled to spec, count on PUPI crossarms for superior load capacity and consistent performance. Harden your grid with One tough PUPI.™

Featured PUPI Products:

Tangent Crossarms

Experience the Durability and reliability you desire in a PUPI® Tangent Crossarms.

Pick up one and you’ll see and feel the difference compared to wood or other composite beams PUPI® Tangent Crossarms weigh significantly less than wood beams – with up to six times the strength. A closed-cell polyurethane foam fill provides lightweight, field drillable, strength and stability-that also prevents moisture and contamination. From impact-resistant end caps to patented internal bushings, PUPI® Tangent Crossarms are built to last.

Available in braced, center mount and ally arm applications, PUPI® Tangent Crossarms are sure to have products to fit all situations.

Deadend Assemblies

Engineered to outperform.

Not only are PUPI® deadends engineered to outperform and outlast wood or other composite beams, they cost less than wood right off the truck. With proven performance in every climate, PUPI® deadend assemblies provide high strength and uniformity to give you the most reliable deadend available today. No other deadend assembly provides more weathering protection to provide superior longevity.

Utilities large and small around the country choose PUPI® deadend assemblies for their strength, durability and value. PUPI® deadends are built for the long haul.

Transmission Crossarms & Braces

PUPI® transmission arms are built for high strength and uniformity in a wide range of standard and made to order lengths – and arms can be combined for even greater strength and stability. From patented SunGUARD® coating and UV protection added during the pultrusion process, PUPI® transmission arms are designed to withstand the elements better than wood or other composite beams – in any climate.

PUPI H-frame and single-pole tangent crossarms are available in a variety of standard dimensions and lengths, with or without galvanized steel pole mount hardware. Final load ratings and other performance characteristics will depend on specific system configurations.

Mounts & Braces

Mounts and braces as strong as our deadends.

Mounts are welded structural steel, hot dip galvanized to ASTM A123 standard. Aluminum mounts are available for corrosive environments. PUPI® fiberglass braces: A stronger, more durable and cost effective solution to wood.

You can also choose made to order lengths of PUPI® Fiberglass Crossarm Braces in standard duty and heavy duty. Fiberglass crossarm braces are made from pultruded solid fiberglass profiles and thermally bonded with our patented SunGUARD® coating for added UV protection. Brace ends are structural aluminum or galvanized structural steel.

Ground Wire Insulator Tubes

These durable tubes are made of high performance pultruded fiberglass to provide superior ground wire isolation and dielectric protection. They are protected by SunGUARD® UV coating, the same UV and weathering protection as PUPI® tangent and deadend crossarms.

The new ground wire insulator tubes are made to customer requirements and are available in different lengths in order to adapt to different applications.