Horstmann Faulted Circuit Indicators, FCI

Horstmann GmbH have been manufacturing faulted circuit indicators for over sixty years. Manufacturing over 500 types of fault indicators, the Horstmann brand is known for high quality and reliability all over the world.

WESCO Utility is the exclusive Horstmann GmbH Representatives across Canada and offer a wide variety of Horstmann FCIs designed for the North American high and medium voltage market.  Horstmann meets the needs of the underground and  overhead transmission, sub transmission and distribution lines.  This includes specialty products providing remote fault indication and circuit information for today’s integrated SMART networks from 120 volt to 161 kV applications

Featured Horstmann Faulted Circuit Indicators (FCI):

Overhead FCI SMART Navigator Series

Distribution Automation and Smart Metering are two examples of utilities requirements for more information about their systems. Meeting this need Horstmann GmbH. has responded with the Smart Navigator Series of Overhead Faulted Circuit Indicators.  The Smart Navigator is available for voltages from 120v to 161kV.

The SMART NAVIGATOR is installed on Overhead Distribution Circuits and reports digital and analog fault data, load current, temperature and circuit status in addition to event based fault information.

The SMART NAVIGATOR detects fault current in the same manner as the stand-alone Navigator-LM Overhead Indicator. The feature of load leveling with load memory enables the unit to automatically set the fault trip threshold in relation to peak load current. Once the unit identifies fault current above its trip rating threshold, the SMART NAVIGATOR sends a signal to a locally installed Smart Reporter RTU. Fault indication is also provided locally by a bright red flashing LED.

Combinations of reset methods are employed including current and time to provide permanent and momentary fault status to a remote Scada or desktop PC.  Bi-directional communication allows for on-demand as well as event based reporting of circuit status analog information. Data points are set by the client to choose what information is queried.

NOTE: SMART Faulted Circuit Indicators are available in the DIRECTIONAL Model also.  These are used at Distributed Generation transition points and other applications where power is fed from several sources.

The SMART NAVIGATOR is integrated into an existing Smart Grid system communicating to SCADA via the Horstmann Smart Reporter RTU.

Horstmann GmbH. – Smart Reporter

Horstmann’s Smart Reporter solution allows utilities to receive event based fault and circuit load information directly to their SCADA systems via DNP3 protocol. A multi-output Smart Receiver located in the Smart Reporter enclosure communicates with up to 12 Smart Navigators individually and provides all their data to a SCADA system via connection to an installed customer specified modem/router. The engineered Smart Reporter solution includes a wide range AC power supply, battery backup, heater, tamper protection and IP66 lockable enclosure. A Power Management Unit (PMU) is available to ensure long life to the backup battery and data transmission.

Integrating into existing SCADA communications systems (wired or wireless) creates a self-contained data acquisition solution, the Smart Reporter provides the critical information required by today’ utilities to make valued decisions.

Navigator LM Overhead Faulted Circuit Indicator ≤ 46kV

Navigator is the latest generation of faulted circuit indicators, utilizing over 60 years of experience from the Horstmann Company.

Designed for overhead distribution circuits, the Navigator LM fault indicator quickly and accurately aids trouble crews in determining the status of the system and the location of faults. Installed on bare or covered conductor the unique design allows for easy installation and/or removal with a hot stick.  The speed at which a crew can find the Fault is greatly increased, saving time and money.

Navigator LM Overhead Faulted Circuit Indicator ≤ 161kV

Navigator LM Overhead Faulted Circuit Indicators for voltages ≤ 161kv are available from the Horstmann Company.

Identical in features to the original ≤ 46kV Navigator LM, attached to the housing is a conductive wire cage to shield the internal electronic circuits of the Navigator from the high intensity electrostatic field surrounding transmission lines up to 161kV.

Easily installed on conductor for viewing from the ground or from a patrolling helicopter the unique design provides all around visibility.

FCI – LT – LM Series Underground PPZ Sensing Sequence

Load Tracking – Load Memory
c/w Pulse/Pause/Zero

FCI – LT Series Fault Indicators are primarily designed for utility underground cables, where phase to phase spacing is limited. The closed core, cable clamping mechanism is designed to significantly reduce the proximity effect of adjacent cables and for easy installation and/or removal with a hot stick.

Various bail sizes are obtainable to meet the needs of small and large cable size.

In combination with the Underground FCI’s, Fiber Optic cables are supplied to remotely view the FCI flash from outside the metal clad gear.